Features of ZEC (Zcash) and how to buy

What is ZEC (Zcash)?

The biggest feature of ZEC is anonymity.
Unlike Bitcoin, it is not possible to track who made the transaction.

ZEC uses a mechanism called zero-knowledge proof.
Zero-knowledge proof is the idea that even if a third party does not know the details of the transaction, the transaction can be checked for fraud.
This allows you to anonymize the sender, recipient, transaction coin amount, etc.

There are other virtual currencies with high anonymity such as Monero and Dash, but it is said that they are more anonymous than those currencies.

How much does ZEC cost?

What is the future of ZEC (Zcash)?

ZEC’s partnership with JP Morgan became a big topic.
JP Morgan, one of the world’s largest investment banks, has incorporated ZEC’s technology into its blockchain platform, Quorum.

Technology using zero-knowledge proof is expected to continue to attract attention.

However, at present, it is highly anonymous and has little practical use.

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