Features of DASH (dash coin) and how to buy

What is DASH (dash coin)?

DASH has two major features.

It’s anonymity and immediate payment.

DASH was originally named Darkcoin, which is derived from anonymity. DASH uses a highly anonymous transaction format called Dark Send.

Dark Send uses a mechanism called coin join.
This will collect remittance requests for the same time period once in the pool and then send them to your own remittance destination.
This makes it difficult to track the sender, unlike Bitcoin.


In addition to anonymity, the instant payment function called Instant Send is one of the features of DASH.
This instant settlement refers to the transfer of funds such as remittance between accounts, not the buying and selling of goods and services using virtual currency.
Transactions can be approved about 10 times faster than Bitcoin.

How much does DASH (dash coin) cost?

What is the future of DASH (dash coin)?

DASH’s instant payment function suggests the possibility of DASH as a payment method.

Amazon allows you to use DASH to purchase gift cards as well as Bitcoin.

In addition, vending machines that can be purchased with DASH have appeared overseas, and there are ATMs that support DASH in Japan as well.

It is expected that the utility value of DASH will continue to increase as a payment method.

Recommended exchange where you can buy DASH (dash coin)!

It was possible to purchase with Coincheck in Japan, but since the NEM incident, it is no longer possible to trade, so it is necessary to use an overseas exchange.

To use an overseas exchange, you need to register with a domestic exchange such as bitFlyer or Zaif and send money to the overseas exchange.

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