About us

Introduction to Munne

Munne was created as a real alternative to become the number one digital currency. It has been developed with the best current features. Munne is an investment in the future of Cryptos because this is a coin that will be around for the long-run! Only a few selected Altcoins will survive in the long-term, and Munne is taking the essential steps to get to that point.

Our main purpose is to created a visually attractive product, easy to use for all people, with permanent enhancements/support and a professional marketing campaign strategically planned to reach a massive public who will adopt Munne as their coin of use.

For the marketing campaign we are analyzing if we can contract a PR Firm and work at the same time with by ourselves in the same path.


The team has several professionals with different skills and from a variety of places, in order to have a balance on the technical, design and marketing/communication areas.

We know about:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Programming/Engineering
  • Networks/Servers
  • Marketing
  • Communication

And we wish to continue adding members to the team to make Munne one of the best coins.


Why do we launch an ICO? Almost all cryptocoins released nowadays have very little funds to actually further develop the coins, that is why almost all new released coins are pointless. Funds from the ICO will ensure that Munne has the funding to become one of the top Altcoins in the cryptoworld. We are treating this coin like a business and will use funding for advertising campaigns, software development, business deals, and merchant adoption tools. This funding will help us accomplish every future goal we set for the coin, and will also give investors a chance to get into the coin at a very early stage and low price. You can expect that we will always deliver the promises we make, which right now is rare in the cryptocommunity.

We are giving everyone a chance to be a part of Munne. In this way our investors will see large returns.

Anonymous transactions

There is a race in the cryptoworld to obtain pure anonymous transactions (DRK, XC, CLOAK and others). We are not too sure that we want to follow that road, at least at the moment. We think that first it’s capital to fully understand the social, political and economic implications of this goal and it’s relationship with massive adoption of any coin (for users, merchants and other parties). At the moment, we don’t want to tu rush into some final decision just because everyone else is doing the same. We want to take the right steps to achieve our main goal, which is the massive adoption of Munne.