Features of MONA (monacoin) and how to buy

What is MONA (monacoin)?

MONA is a virtual currency born in Japan.
It looks like a neta coin, but MONA’s technical capabilities are very high.

MONA adopted SegWit for the first time in the world.
This is a system that can process many remittances at the same time.

In addition, MONA has succeeded in atomic swap with Bitcoin, and it has become possible for users to trade with Bitcoin without the intervention of a third party such as an exchange.


What is the future of MONA (monacoin)?

MONA has become a practical cryptocurrency.
Even now, it can be used for payment in the real world such as bars and PC shops, and the number of shops where MONA can be used will increase in the future.

Of course, Bitcoin and MONA can be used not only in the real world but also on the online shopping site called Bitcoin Mall where you can purchase products with virtual currency.

In addition, a service called tipmona is becoming popular on Twitter.
This service is available to anyone and you can feel free to send MONA as a thank you or a celebration.

In this way, MONA has a practical aspect, and its value is expected to increase in the future.
In addition, MONA is currently mainly distributed in Japan, and its value will increase if it spreads overseas.

Recommended exchange where you can buy MONA (monacoin)!

In Japan, you can purchase at Zaif or Bitflyer.

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