Thorough explanation of how to buy and purchase SJCX (Storage Coin X)

What is SJCX (Storage Coin X)?

SJCX is a coin used in Storj Labs’ STORJ storage service. It was created using the mechanism of the counterparty.

The number of issues is locked at 500 million SJCX. In other words, it will not be issued anymore.

Currently, SJCX is not available for STORJ services. This is because it has now been moved to a token called “STORJ”.

If you are looking forward to the STORJ service and want to make a new purchase, purchase “STORJ” instead of SJCX.

Here, we will explain the services of STORJ.

STORJ is a distributed file storage. You can get STORJ as a reward by lending out the free data capacity of your PC. The storage currently rented out is increasing steadily.

Those who want to rent storage pay the fee at STORJ etc. The fee is cheaper than cloud storage services such as DROPBOX.

In terms of security, it is said to be safer than cloud storage services such as DROPBOX.
The mechanism is to subdivide the file and share the data with all users connected by the P2P network. And the subdivided files can only be downloaded by the user who has the private key.

How much does SJCX (Storage Coin X) cost?

What is the future of SJCX (Storage Coin X)?

SJCX is not particularly useful as it is no longer available in the STORJ service.
It may not be available in Zaif in the near future.

On the other hand, STORJ has practical potential as a storage service, so it may grow in the future. However, storage services that use virtual currency include not only STORJ but also siacooin and Filecoin, so it is important to be able to win the competition.

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