Features of ETC (Etherium Classic) and how to buy

What is ETC (Ethalium Classic)?

ETC was originally ETH (Ethereum) and was separated into two by a hard fork.
A hard fork is an update that is incompatible.

The biggest reason for the separation is that hacking damage of more than 5 billion yen caused a difference in direction among engineers, resulting in internal division.

The Ethereum development team tried to solve the problem by returning it to the state before it was hacked by the hard fork, and the hacking damage was nullified.

However, some communities aiming for decentralized cryptocurrencies have rebounded. ETC was created by this community as a new project.


For this reason, ETC has almost the same functions as ETH.
However, compared to ETH, it limits expandability and improves security and stability so that it will not be damaged by hacking.


Like ETH, ETC sells a function called smart contract.

Smart contracts are a function that not only keeps transaction records on the blockchain, but also records contract information. This makes it possible to automatically pay for sales contracts.

How much does ETC (Etherium Classic) cost?

What is the future of ETC (Ethalium Classic)?

Due to its origin, ETC is greatly affected by price fluctuations of ETH.
Since the price of ETH is expected to increase in the future, it seems that there is still room for price increase in ETC.

In addition, ETC aims to be a virtual currency as an original decentralized system, so the more people who sympathize with the idea, the higher the price will be.

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