Features of XMR (Monero) and how to buy

What is Monero?

Monero means “coin” in Esperanto.

XMR is popular for its high anonymity.
This high degree of anonymity is made possible by using an algorithm called CryptNight.
CryptNight uses a technology called ring signing, which makes it impossible to track transactions.

XMR also processes transactions faster, five times faster than Bitcoin.

Another advantage is that it can be mined on a home PC.

How much does XMR (Monero) cost?

What is the future of XMR (Monero)?

Due to its high anonymity, XMR can be used for crimes.

In some cases, XMR is used on sites that already sell dangerous goods, or XMR is requested in return for hacked information.

Under these circumstances, XMR may be subject to regulation.
Be aware that if regulated in some country, the value will drop significantly.

Recommended exchange where you can buy XMR (Monero)!

XMR was available for purchase with Coincheck, but has not been able to trade normally since the NEM incident.

If you want to buy XMR, use an overseas cryptocurrency exchange.

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