Features of XEM (NEM) and how to buy

What is XEM (NEM)?

XEM is a virtual currency that aims to create a new economic zone.

We aim to realize a world where both Bitcoin and Ethereum can be realized.

XEM can use various services such as financial settlement and issuance of original tokens.

The features of XEM are introduced below.

XEM is harvesting instead of mining.

Mining is the approval process for costume currencies such as Bitcoin.
Basically, you can get a reward as compensation by mining.

Harvesting, on the other hand, is a system where you can get rewards based on your contribution to XEM.
Contribution to XEM is measured by a mechanism called PoI.
PoI was introduced to solve the problem of bias towards those with money.
If there are many transactions with XEM, it is judged to be contributing.

Also, if an update called catapult is implemented, the processing speed of XEM will be overwhelmingly faster.

Another advantage is the availability of Aposille, a smart contract that is simpler than Ethereum.

How much does XEM (NEM) cost?

What is the future of XEM (NEM)?

XEM keeps prices down due to the Coincheck turmoil.

However, it cannot be said that there is no future when evaluating XEM from the viewpoint of function.
In the first place, the turmoil of Coincheck is a problem of the management system of the exchange called Coincheck, and it does not mean that there was a problem with the security of XEM itself.
It may be a good idea to fully understand the practical aspects and invest in XEM.

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