Features of XRP (Ripple) and how to buy

What is XRP (Ripple)?

One of the features of XRP is its high transaction speed.
Due to this feature, it is believed that XRP will be used for remittances at financial institutions such as banks.

Ripple inc.’S vision is
“to enable the movement of value in the same way that information can move instantly today, and to realize the’Internet of Value'”

The transformation of international remittances is the goal of Ripple.

Empathizing with this vision, financial institutions around the world are participating in Ripple Net’s international money transfer experiments.
International remittance using XRP is still in the experimental stage, but if this is realized, the financial situation in the world will change completely.

How much does XRP (Ripple) cost?

What is the future of XRP (Ripple)?

It is well known that Google has invested in XRP.

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ has announced the use of the network using XRP

In addition, Mizuho Financial Group and SBI Holdings are jointly conducting a remittance experiment using the XRP system.

From these cases, XRP is a cryptocurrency with high potential.
Prices are currently low, but it is quite possible that they will continue to rise.

XRP is a centralized cryptocurrency by Ripple.
The maximum issuance limit is 99.9 billion XRP, of which Ripple owns approximately 60 billion XRP. (It has been announced that about 90% of them will be locked up.)

In other words, purchasing XRP will also lead to the growth of Ripple. It seems that some people buy XRP with the feeling of sympathizing with Ripple’s vision and supporting it.

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