FCT (factom) features and how to buy

What is FCT?

FCT is a decentralized data management platform that can record electronic data on the blockchain.

FCT allows you to manage your data on distributed computers around the world, rather than on servers run by any organization.
This makes it possible to manage data with high transparency and less trouble.

FCT is being watched by a project called Factum Harmony.
Factum Harmony is an effort to package the American mortgage market.
Mortgages involve various institutions such as real estate agents and financial companies.
Information management becomes complicated in this exchange, and fraudulent activities may occur.
The idea of ​​factum harmony is that FCT can be used to prevent this fraud.

FCT also has a solution called DLOC by SMART RAC.
This is a project jointly developed with a company called SMARTRAC.
It is an attempt to manage offline personal information etc. with an online data management tool called Dloc sticker.
The Dloc sticker uses blockchain technology and cannot be tampered with.
It’s perfect for managing serious data such as medical history online.

While there are some practical aspects, FCT also has its disadvantages.

FCT is operated by a company called Factom Inc. and has a centralized system.
The price of centralized virtual currency drops at once when the operating company goes bankrupt or the currency held is sold out.

What is the future of FCT?

The price of FCT will undoubtedly rise as FCT becomes more widely used in the mortgage market and in the medical setting.

It is well funded by foundations and VCs and has technically talented developers.

It is possible that FCT will continue to rise.

Recommended exchange where you can buy FCT (factom)!

In Japan, it is handled only by coincheck, and since coincheck has not been normally used since the NEM incident, it is necessary to use an overseas exchange.

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